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About Tracy

I was interviewed on a podcast show and thought that some of the content would make a great “About Me” page on my website. 

Transcript from Podcast interview on “Social Monday”

How long have you been working in social media?

It all started when my then 16 year old wanted to be on Facebook and I said only if I am a ‘friend’, he said that I wasn’t allowed to comment on anything, that was really hard.. but I didn’t start actually working in social until 5 years ago.

How did you get started in social media?

When my youngest son was born with a disability, which included epilepsy, I had to find a ‘job’ that was flexible enough that I could work around his ‘off’ days. Working for myself was basically the only career that would fit. In 2000 I started doing bookkeeping for small local businesses. I was good at it, but didn’t particular like it. Then in 2010 myself and two business partners were looking for a way to make some extra cash, looked at this fairly new think called social media and thought that eventually businesses would need to know how to use this. That was 5+ years ago, my business partners have since moved on to other ventures, but I loved the work and here I am.

What is your social media specialty, or what do you do really well?

I specialize in helping local bricks and mortar businesses learn to leverage online. I’m a techie at heart and a lateral thinker so really love helping businesses look outside the square for ways to get found online.

In what industry category or niche do you work?

See here in north Queensland, Australia, digital moves a little slow, including the internet speed, in the first 2 years of my business it was hard to find businesses willing to get into social, but it’s picked up now and I’m finding most brick and mortar businesses, if they don’t already have some online presence, know that they need to be getting online as soon as possible.

What piece of advice can you give social media managers who are trying to make social media work for their business?

I’m full of tips, but the biggest problem I find with small businesses on social is they don’t realise that they need to do what I call “outreach” that is get off their own page and engage on other pages, synergistically, like, comment, share and add value to build exposure. Oh and create great content, re-purpose it in as many forms as you can and share it everywhere possible.

Having worked in social media for awhile now, is there anything that you would do differently?

No, I don’t think so, I am a true believer in “you are where you need to be”, one thing I might think about changing would be better resistance to the ‘shiny object’ syndrome, I tend to get a little off track. Oh and I probably should have worked on my time management skills early. I used to be really hopeless, now there’s hope. I completed Phyllis Khare’s TIMEBLISSME and that was a god-send, now I’m really starting to organize my calendar, projects and tasks. It’s hard to break the habit but Phyllis has some really great tips and tricks with Google Calendar that’s helping me.

What social experts do you follow regularly?

I initially started my social marketing training through Mike Koenigs, Amy Porterfield and Paul Colligan with Social Media Marketing Machines way back in 2010, Jo Barnes Online Marketing Academy helped me build my knowledge on other facets of online marketing. But where I received the most value as a social media manager consultant is Social Media Manager School with Phyllis Khare and Andrea. I’m working with Kim Garst on Periscope and Jon Loomer for Facebook Ads. I’m the perpetual student, unlike most people I just love how technology and digital keeps changing.

What podcasts or blogs do you make sure you don’t miss?

Love, love, love podcasts, I can’t go on my daily walk without one… really can’t get enough of Jon Loomer’s, Amy Porterfield and fellow Aussie’s Loren and Fiona with Business Addicts podcast. I’ve just subscribed to Darren Rowse from ProBlogger (Another fabulous Aussie) and oh, this new podcast called “Social Monday”

What is one easy, effective practice or trick that you believe someone in your area can implement this week to improve in their social media marketing?

An easy way to create content is to take a day to jot down 10 ‘frequently asked questions’ and 10 ‘should asked questions’ then write 100 words answer and an image for each. That will give you 20 valuable and relevant articles for your blog, shared to LinkedIn and Facebook, images shared to Instagram and Pinterest and if possible, re-purpose content for Slideshare.net or YouTube and even break them down further for Twitter posts.

Your parting words?

Don’t be afraid to be personable and social, especially if you’re a business, your community and prospects will appreciate it.