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Passionate about helping local businesses get found online - Wordpress websites, social media strategies, search engine optimisation, content and video marketing.

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Tracy Raiteri

Passionate about helping local businesses get found online - Wordpress websites, social media strategies, search engine optimisation, content and video marketing.
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Facebook Business Manager: How to Change the Primary Page

If you signed up for Facebook Business Manager, you’ll probably be regretting it :) but I’m sure Facebook will iron out the kinks soon.

In the meantime, the biggest problem I have with it is that you can no longer “POST AS” your main Facebook Page if you have it assigned as the primary Page in Facebook Business Manager. Here is a workaround:

PROBLEM: When you assign a primary account in Facebook Business Manager you can’t “POST AS” that page any more using your Personal Facebook Profile – which is a pain if you like to share content from your personal newsfeed into your Page as “YOUR PAGE” that that PAGE is the PRIMARY page in your Facebook Business Manager.

SOLUTION: Assign a new PAGE as the PRIMARY page in your Facebook Business Manager and REMOVE your business page from Facebook Business Manager so you can now access it through your Facebook personal Profile.

Video Tutorial at the bottom of this article.

Sign in to Business Manager;



Follow the prompts to create your new PRIMARY Page for Facebook Business Manager;



Next, click on SETTINGS > INFO and click the pencil icon to edit the PRIMARY PAGE;

Click SAVE.

FBM Set New Primary Page


Because the old Primary Page will have the FBM account as the owner, you need to remove it so that it opens it up to “POST AS” that Page in your Facebook personal Profile.

Next, click on SETTINGS > PAGES > click on the page you want to remove > REMOVE;

FBM Remove Page from Facebook Business Manager


Optional Step – add the old Primary Page back to Facebook Business Manager as a “Stand Alone Page” which means it’s not ‘owned’ by the Facebook Business Manager account, and you’ll still be able to login as the Page through your Personal Facebook Profile.


Click on SETTINGS > PAGES > ADD NEW PAGE > REQUEST ACCESS TO A PAGE – and follow the prompts.

This added page will be “STAND ALONE” and will still be accessible through your Personal Facebook Profile.

FBM Add Page as Stand Alone

Video Walk-though:

Move a YouTube Channel to a different Google+ Page

We’ve found many of our clients got caught out then the new Google+ Places Pages came out or when they setup their Google Local listing on Google Maps. This created a new Google+ Places Page even though they had already setup a Google+ Brand Page that had their YouTube Channel connected to it.

So the drama was that they needed to move their YouTube Channel from their old brand Page to their new Places Page… but there’s no easy way to do that yet.

Here is a work around:

You need to submit a form to Google requesting they move your YouTube Channel.

The form is on

Once you’ve completed the form you’ll get an email confirming that Google will contact you once the change has been approved.

Move YouTube Channel to new Google Plus Page


Here’s a short video tutorial:

Facebook Contest – how to pick a random winner

Running a sweepstake contest on your business’ Facebook Page timeline is a great way to increase engagement and build your Fan numbers. If you are running a sweepstake when the winner is randomly selected, here is a free way to do that without too much trouble.





REMEMBER: Follow Facebook Guidelines when running any contests on your Facebook Page

Post your contest link below so we can check out your Facebook contests (you might even get some new fans as well)

Move your YouTube Channel from your Google+ Profile to your Google+ Page

Did you know that your business’ YouTube should be linked to your business’ Google+ Page?

I see this a lot with my clients, they jumped in to YouTube and created a Channel, started uploading videos promoting their business and driving traffic to those videos… then they realise that the Channel they’ve created is actually linked to their personal Google+ Profile when it should be linked to their business Page. Continue reading

How to import a Contact Group to MS Outlook

Are you part of an network and you do a lot of corresponding via email? There’s a few different strategies that you could use to keep the groups contact list up-to-date. One basic way, is to create a MS Outlook Group and then share that group with the other network members. (Although, this isn’t the best and most efficient way, it seems to be the most popular.)

The organiser of the network would create a Contact Group in their MS Outlook containing the emails of those in the network. Then the organiser would email that Contact Group out to the other members of the network. The other members would then just need to import the Contact Group into their Contact folder of their MS Outlook. (To keep this Contact Group up to date, it could be done by deleting the old Contact Group and following the process with the fresh Contact Group.) (Again, not the most efficient way :) )

How to send the Contact Group:-

  1. In MS Outlook go to CONTACTS and click on the Contact folder the Contact Group is in;
  2. Right mouse click and select FORWARD CONTACT then AS AN OUTLOOK CONTACT – this will allow you to email the Contact Group to individuals, or even to the Contact Group its self.

Import Contact Group MS Outlook

How to import the Contact Group into MS Outlook:-

  1. first drag and drop the Contact Group file from the email onto your desktop;
  2. in MS Outlook, click on CONTACTS and click on the Contacts folder you want to add the Group to (default will be Contacts);
  3. then drag and drop the Contact Group from the desktop into the Contacts folder (eg Contacts).


Facebook is Still One of the Best Social Media for Your Business!

I was talking to a friend who does personal training, he wanted to use a couple of photos of last year’s fun run where I was wearing his shirt, for his blog site.

No probs, I said, I thought I would check out his blog and Facebook to see if he was using Facebook for his business as it is still one of the best social media for your business.

Early days as his blog was still under construction. Off to his Facebook, smart thinker he has Facebook business page.

My next observation was that he had over 50 friends and his URL was still the same long drawn out number, also he did not have a landing page.

Imagine having a landing page where you could click “like” and obtain a free personal training session or even 5 as a promo.

What a great incentive to click “like” and follow your page.

He had a business page, however he was certainly not using Facebook as the best social media for his business.

Facebook and any other forms of social media are great for business if utilised correctly.

Watch our video on “Social Media Marketing Machines” and “Is Facebook for Business“, to see how important successful social media is to a business.

Facebook biggest benefit for business’s is that this social networking platform has the ability to get repeat exposure with people in your network.

Facebook is a very social way to meet old friends, colleagues and school mates; this type of networking with these people are fun and these personal connections have also a potential to become new business opportunities.

Also through your Facebook profile you can promote events,special promotions, sales, auctions and more. Your network which is comprised of friends, clients, peers and prospects can then see your offers and due to their interaction, involvement and intimacy with your site are more prepared to partake in your genuine offers.

So what you need to do:

1. Create a business page – remember the name your choose cannot be changed. Choose wisely!

2. Now customise your business page

  • Profile Picture
  • Details about your business – mission, goals etc
  • Landing Page

3. Offer Deals

  • Exclusive Facebook deals
  • Buy something get something deal
  • Offer incentives

4. Encourage Community Interaction

  • Your Facebook wall – share info and communicate with your fans
  • Let fan’s posts show up on your front page – may need frequent moderation
  • empower your community
  • you need to be constantly engaging on your wall as well

Bit of trivia; Facebook uses an algorithm to determine visibility on a user’s page. This incorporates:

  1. the affinity score between two users (how often they interact)
  2. the type of interaction ( like, comment etc)
  3. the length of time since the action was done

So the biggest secret to News Feed Optimisation is to keep your site fresh, no stale goods remember interaction leads to involvement to intimacy to influence which is the core of successful social media marketing, this is how Facebook is still one of the best social media for your business.

Facebook interaction is never-ending you can organise polls just to add some fun and interest to your wall. You can post photos and videos, you like looking at them, so do your fans.

Also if confident about your site you can request reviews and then openly share your reviews with your fans.

There are many other social streams to use to compliment your Facebook, so you can see Facebook is still one of the best social media for your business.

An interesting post is the Social Media Cycle and it helps to put into perspective the whole marketing idea.

So do yourself a favour and implement a social media marketing strategy to promote your business into the future of this technological world.

If you require assistance “like” our Facebook page or leave your email on the lower right hand side of this blog and we will help get you started on your new social media marketing venture.


How To Grant Remote Access Using TeamViewer

Providing remote TeamViewer access

There are many collaboration programs out there. But for ‘occasional’ use TeamViewer has a remote access feature that is free for non-commercial use. Great if you have a friend who thinks they can login to your computer and fix any techie issues you have, [like setting up your domain emails on Outlook] , or even show you how to use a program you’re having problems with.

Here are the instructions for allowing secure remote access on the client-side computer:-

On the Client-side computer (that’s the computer that needs to be accessed)

  1. Go to and click on the operating system you use eg Windows or MAC;
  3. Once the small file is downloaded, click on RUN or INSTALL;
  4. A screen will display YOUR ID and PASSWORD that you need to provide the person you want to allow remote access to. You can either copy and paste the ID and PASSWORD into an email or ring the person you want to access your computer.


Check out their website if you want to set yourself up as the organiser –

Have you tried any other online collaboration tools?

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