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Have you ever wanted to display some HTML code in a post as an example but when you add it your website converts it to actual HTML?

Well there’s a way to create “post friendly html text” by pasting the HTML code into the website called POSTABLE.

Just paste the HTML code into the generator and click “make it friendly” then copy the converted code and paste into your blog post.

Tracy Raiteri

Did you like this info? I'd… Continue reading

YouTube is a great place to host your videos, it’s cheap and a great source of traffic and views. But sometimes you just want to embed a YouTube video cleanly so it looks neat on your website.

This is what a typical YouTube embedded video looks like:

Now to hide the default YouTube player, change the iFrame code in your text viewer on your WordPress Page or Post so it includes:

<iframe src=”;3&amp;autohide=1&amp;showinfo=0” height=”315″ width=”560″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

and you’ll… Continue reading

Have you ever needed to create an excel spreadsheet containing information from a Windows Explorer Directory?  Well this will save you a heap of typing.

1. You must have the directory you wish to list on your hard drive;

2. The directory properties need to be set to display the file type (Organize > Folder Layout > View > untick Hide extensions for known file types)

3. Click in the Windows Explorer address bar and copy the directory address and… Continue reading

Dropbox is a great application for sharing large files.  I use it every day, especially with our clients that we create short videos for.  These videos can be quite large files over 50mb which are impossible to email.

We save the video files to the Public Folder of Dropbox and then share the link to the client.  Problem is this link forces the client to ‘view’ the video in a browser but doesn’t give them the option to download and… Continue reading

Social Media Tourism Symposium Australia 2014

Last year Townsville missed out on hosting the Social Media Tourism Symposium to Woollongong.  The host city was voted on via a Facebook Page app.  Townsville only just missed out.

It’s on again, but this year Townsville is ready to claim the top job…

Stay tuned for information on how to submit your vote.


Tracy Raiteri

Did you like this info? I'd really appreciate a +1... If you have any questions, please post… Continue reading

You can now run sweepstakes or competitions directly on your Facebook Page timeline (conditions apply – )…. so running a competition is now really easy and a great way to increase your Facebook Page Likes and engagement.

There’s just one problem, how to fairly pick a winner.  I’ve found that a company called WooBox provides a free and automatic way to select a winner from comments on your Facebook competition post.  Here are the instructions:

1. Login to Facebook… Continue reading

I’ve just wasted hours trying to find the solution to an error that I was receiving in my Facebook Power Editor.  When I’d go and “Upload Changes” I’d keep getting this error:-

I noticed there were a lot of people having the same problem so I thought I’d share the solution here.

It’s as simple as ‘clearing your browser’s cache’

Let me know how this goes for you.  If you found this post valuable, I’d be really grateful… Continue reading

There are internet trolls out there that are re-creating individual’s Facebook Profile to spam or even worse.  They start by coping your Facebook Profile and then sending friend requests to all your friends, because they know you they will just accept the invite and not think anything of it.  I’m sure there’s a sinister motive behind all the work these hackers do and it can’t be good.

Or maybe you just want to hide your list of friends from spying… Continue reading

Setup and use a ‘RESTRICTED’ Friends’ List on Facebook

If you need to be a Facebook FRIEND to someone, but you don’t particularly want them to see all of your posts and you don’t want to see their posts, then you can add them to a “RESTRICTED” FRIENDS’ LIST on your Facebook personal Profile. Facebook Says:

When you add someone to your Restricted list, they’ll only be able to see your Public content or posts that you tag them in.… Continue reading

With the latest relaxing of the Facebook Competition rules, we can now run (although with some requirements) a competition directly on a Facebook Page.  For example “a winner will be randomly selected from the list of comments below this post”.

It’s not totally requirement free – see Facebook Promotion Guidelines for the fine print.

The problem arises with how to fairly select a random winner from a list of comments on a Facebook post.

Here’s just one way you can… Continue reading

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