Facebook News Feeds

Watch the video overview of the new changes just implemented by Facebook that affects your Facebook News Feeds. 

Wow, these changes are great… (Google+ inspired I suspect, especially when G+ just went public today!!). 

Best bits about the News Feed change:-

  • easily change what/who you ‘subscribe’ to in your news feed; 
  • help Facebook workout what types of stories are important to you; 
  • easily manage your lists of Friends and Pages that you follow; 
  • quickly filter your news feed in relation to your ‘Lists’ (This is one of the best features of Google+, now Facebook have it too);
  • create a Favorites menu of Lists, Pages, Groups and Notes.

Kudos to Facebook, you’ve done well, even if you got your lead from another social networking platform.  (Now I know why Mark Z was the most popular person on G+, he was there doing some ‘not-so-stealth’ recon).

Anyway, have fun with it, and don’t be one of these people that boo-boos change…

Note:  If you are seeing some weird text on your News Feed, try resetting the Language: scroll down to the bottom, click on the English (xx) and select another English (UK) or (US).  PS .  Check out English (Pirate) and English (Upside Down)… I think Facebook is trying to be funny…

Facebook Newsfeed

Tracy Raiteri

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