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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Isn’t Social Media just for keeping up with friends?
A. Not at all. Social Media has evolved from that kind of contact and is now one of the most powerful tools businesses can use for connecting with clients on their turf.


Q. Why would I want to post a video to YouTube?
A. YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine. To not take advantage of this potential traffic generator is leaving money on the table.


Q. How do I keep my Facebook personal side separate from my business?
A. Facebook has FanPages specifically for businesses. This way you can have your personal life on your existing profile and your business life on your fanpage.


Q. It takes a lot of time to login to all those Social Media accounts and make the campaigns. I don’t have time…
A. We can help you manage your campaigns so that you don’t need to do any extra work, leaving you the time to focus on running your business.


Q. What about traditional advertising?
A. Traditional advertising like radio, newspaper and tv worked for a long time. But research shows that businesses who don’t move to social media for marketing strategies, are not likely to be around in 5 years time.


If your question isn’t answered above, feel free to post it in the comments and we’ll try and answer it for you.

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