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Learn SEO the hard boring way or the fun easy way

If you have a business and it has any ‘assets’ online, like your website or social media profiles, you really need to know at least a minimum about SEO (search engine optimisation), it will be a game changer for attracting prospects to your business.

My friend and fellow Aussie, Kate Toon has a wonderful knack of teaching SEO that makes it fun and interesting, strategies and tactics you can use, even if your an absolute beginner. Kate has put together an ebook full of easy to digest and implement SEO tactics and best thing, it’s virtually free, it’s ‘pay by share’. I highly recommend you check it out.

Thanks to The Recipe for SEO Success for this awesome graphic

Kate Toon SEO



Passionate about helping local businesses get found online - WordPress websites, social media strategies, search engine optimisation, content and video marketing.

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