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Sample Proposal

At our initial consultation, we provide a Social Media Marketing Audit where we review and analyse your business’ existing online marketing activities, your goals for social media marketing in your business and provide you with a report and suggested strategies, together with our proposal for implementing those strategies for you.   Our fee for conducting this Social Media Marketing Audit and providing a strategy report and proposal is $330 (inc GST) and includes a Facebook Page search engine optimisation and $50 off any future service we provide you.  (This fee is to cover the 3+ hours that we spend evaluating your existing activities and researching your industry’s best practices for social media marketing.)


All our proposals are customised to suit your business’ social media goals, but below is a general sample proposal.  Contact us for your own business’ Social Media Marketing Audit. Just want to know the benefits?  Basically, we will make you look good online and get found by prospects without you having to spend hours of your precious time. Do you want a ball park figure?  Well, for $4,400 plus GST, we can provide you a full social media marketing strategy including a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Linkedin (and Pinterest, if applicable); setup, training and management for 2 months.   After we have completed your social media marketing strategy setup, we won’t leave you high and dry.  We can train you to manage your social media marketing strategy in-house, or we can offer you a monthly fee maintenance package to continue to maintain and ‘feed’ your social media ‘monsters’ for you (works out to as little as $11 per day). Read on if you would like to know the details…

SOCIAL MEDIA & ONLINE MARKETING PROGRAM This program represents a strong focus on setting up an initial ‘Social Media Footprint’ for your business, with a focus on getting leads to follow your business and also to collect leads’ information for future email and mobile marketing. It is a basic plan for establishing your business in Facebook and Twitter, and coordinating activities in them to increase your business’ social authority, generate more leads, collect leads’ details.  The proposal covers many hours on our part to research, create, execute and coordinate these activities. However, the end result will be a basic, yet powerful marketing program that will generate significant interest and traffic.

“SOCIAL MEDIA FOOTPRINT” Package (Customised)

Step 1. Strategic Planning Before we start building your “Social Media Footprint” and online marketing program, we need to create an initial plan for: • The components—channels and tactics to use with and how they integrate with each other; • The content you will be able to provide to us (videos, articles, messages, offers, etc.); and • The order in which we will introduce each channel. It’s likely new opportunities will arise during the course of implementing and managing your program. It’s also likely that some tactics will prove more effective than others. In either case, we will modify the plan accordingly. Value: $330 inc GST 

Step 2.  Give-away Offer To Capture Leads

We will start with capturing names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers of leads.  We will do this by using a customised tab on your Facebook Fan Page. An effective way to build leads with whom you can follow up by email or mobile text message is to offer something of value for free in exchange for their follow up contact information. This could be a PDF eBook that you could make available.  Another valuable gift would be to give them access to a couple of short instructional/informational videos.  These videos would be recorded, edited and rendered by us and would ideally be around 1 minute in length. Value: $330 inc GST 

Step 3. Set Up Your YouTube Channel and Populate It Initially

YouTube is the perfect intersection of online video marketing, social media and search engine visibility. We will establish a YouTube Channel for your business, as your foundation for more video marketing in the future. YouTube currently gets over 2 billion views per day and is the fastest growing search engine. We will also populate your channel with videos, provided by you (or created by us). Overview:- • Create and Customise YouTube Channel – and link to Facebook and Twitter (any videos uploaded to YouTube will send a post to Facebook and Twitter); • Record, edit, render and upload initial videos; • Video Tutorial on how to instantly upload videos yourself using your smart phone; • YouTube subscribers/likes. YouTube Channel, Customise + Upload Videos – Value: $770 inc GST 

Step 4. Create a Blog Site

We can create a blog site, which can be separate from your existing website, that will be quick and easy to update and can also be linked to Facebook and Twitter. Overview:- • Create and Customise a WordPress Blog Site – and link to Facebook and Twitter (any blog posts can be scheduled and sent as a post to Facebook and Twitter); • This will create another stream of traffic that can be directed to your Facebook Page; • Create initial posts from content provided by you; • Includes plugins for SEO and Google ranking; Create, Customise and initial posts – Value: $1100 inc GST  (Web hosting available from $110 per year)

Step 5. Create a Facebook ‘Business’ Page

Your Facebook page is a must-have social media presence. If Facebook was a nation, it would be the third most populous nation in the world behind China and India. And if you think Facebook is only for young people, keep in mind the fastest-growing demographic is women aged 35-64. Overview:- • Create or Revise  Facebook Business Page ; • Link Facebook Page to post automatically to Twitter; • Create custom iFrame Welcome Page encouraging visitors to “LIKE” and to complete an opt-in form to download eBook/Videos; • Provide “Like” code that can be included on website; • Strategies on growing your Facebook community. Facebook page + First Month Posts & Fans – Value: $770 inc GST 

Step 6. Create a Twitter Profile and Generate Followers

Your Twitter Feed is another must-have social media presence. With 200,000,000 members, it has significant impact on your social authority score, building your tribe and generating leads and customers. Also, Twitter itself is a formidable search engine, hosting some 24,000,000,000 searches per month—more than Yahoo! and Bing combined. We will create or revise your Twitter account, add members you follow and attract followers. During the initial month we will tweet content provided by you each day on your behalf and continue to build your group of followers. Overview:- • Create or revise existing Twitter Account; • Link your Facebook Page and YouTube Channel so that any Facebook posts or Videos uploaded will automatically tweet to your followers; • Post initial tweets based on content provided by you; • Provide “Follow Us” link code to be included on website; Twitter Feed + First Month of Daily Tweets – Value: $550 inc GST 

Step 7. Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile and Generate Connections

A LinkedIn Profile is another must-have social media presence. LinkedIn is a powerful channel for creating social authority and driving traffic and leads, especially through referrals from other businesses that serve similar markets as yours or offer complimentary products/services. We will establish your LinkedIn Profile and manage it for the duration of this package. This means we will establish connections with other key LinkedIn members; post messages once per week and begin to generate leads and referrals. Overview:- • Create and Customise a LinkedIn Profile – and link to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; • Establish connections with other key LinkedIn members and post once per week to general referrals; • Connect you with suitable Linkedin Groups; • Provide “Connect” link code to be included on website; LinkedIn Profile + Month of messages and connections – Value: $550 inc GST 

Step 8. Set Up Your Google+ Profile, Google+ Brand Page, Google AuthorShip

Google+ is one of the newer social networking platforms, but as Google is so important in your online reputation management, it is important that you at least claim your brand on Google+. Overview:- • Create and Customise a Google+ Profile and a Google+ Brand Page; • Establish your ‘circles’ of connections; • Establish your Google Authorship; • Provide “Connect” link code to be included on website; Google+ Profile + Month of messages and connections – Value: $880 inc GST 

Step 9. Video Tutorials

We will provide you with video tutorials showing you how to create your own WordPress posts; Facebook posts and upload your own videos instantly using your mobile phone. Video Tutorials – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube – Value: $440 inc GST

Step 10.  First 2 Months’ Management

This package includes the first 2 months’ management:- • Blog – create and upload 1 blog article per week from content provided by you, which will automatically post to Facebook and Twitter; • YouTube – edit, render and upload 1 video provided by you per week; • LinkedIn – one update per week; • Free support. 2 x Monthly Management Package – Value: $880 inc GST 

Most other complete Social Media Marketing service providers would charge over $6000 inc GST

But we want to do all this for you for less than that = $ 4400 (inc GST)  


Additional Monthly Management Package

It is important to keep social media channels engaging and constantly updated.  Social Media is worthless if you don’t keep ‘feeding’ it.  This is a time-consuming job for business owners.  We can continue to monitor, moderate, maintain and manage your channels on a month to month basis:- • Blog – create and upload 1 blog article per month from content provided by you, which will automatically post to Facebook and Twitter; • Facebook Page – post three times per week from information provided by you; • Facebook Advertising Management – manage your Facebook Advertising (Note: you need to provide an advertising budget, minimum of $10 per day for as little as 14 days); • Twitter – tweet at least three times per week from information provided by you; • YouTube – edit, render and upload 1 video provided by you per month; • LinkedIn – one update per week; • LinkedIn Advertising Management – (Note: you need to provide an advertising budget, minimum of $30 per day for as little as 14 days); • Google+ weekly monitoring and posting; • Including training and support. “Done-For-You” Monthly Management Package

$880 per month (inc GST).

All prices include 10% GST for businesses in Australia.  Businesses outside Australia please deduct 10%. Other services include: Social media training for businesses; Pinterest setup and management; SlideShare setup and management; web-streaming; webinar setup and management; mobile app creation; Facebook Contest App setup and management; online directory submissions; article and video submission marketing;