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Townsville Social Media Marketing were instrumental to the success of the North Queensland Small Business and Franchise Expo held March 2011 in Townsville.

They provided cutting edge services including; live video streaming of our workshop program, along with setting up and managing our Facebook, Twitter and event blog as well as creating video snippets to populate our YouTube channel.

Their online promotion of the event outperformed by percentage increase the events mainstream marketing channels. Their online promotion also significantly boosted our event websites search engine rankings.

They are an extremely passionate, motivated and action orientated team that achieved many successes for us all while utilising very little of our time.

Brian Arnold, The North Queensland Small Business Development Centre

I recommend you get in touch with the team at Townsville Social Media Marketing. They have transformed my business and the way I think about managing and marketing my business. I have gone from Facebook dummy to now having a totally virtual and mobile business solution. All managed from my smartphone and when I feel like it my laptop. I won’t give away how they do it, I don’t want to give away all my secrets. You will just need to contact them to get a comprehensive overview of their solutions. Cheers Kel.

Kelly Thompson, Active 8 Fun Fit

Elisa GilmoreI have been using the services of Townsville Social Media for nearly 12 months and I am still continuously amazed at the level of skill and professionalism of Tracy, Jayne and Karen. They have used their incredible abilities with a range of social media fora to drive traffic to my site and increase my market share. For businesses looking to improve brand awareness and profitability, I highly recommend their services. Video testimonial at: http://youtu.be/3i0QwjrLWNc

Elisa Gilmore, Corpowrite

I have analysed the search engine (SE) visitor numbers to the event website where our SE visitor numbers out performed our direct traffic visitor numbers when compared month on month by percentage change. I believe this outcome could be attributed to the effect that your social media marketing campaign had on our SEO. Our Search Engine traffic increased 262% as compared with a 185% increase to direct traffic when comparing February to March visitor data. I believe if this is correct, this alone is a great reason for businesses to be involved in social media marketing and it could form the basis of an article for inclusion in our newsletter. Further to this, I also believe that our referral numbers were greatly increased by social networking and blogging including; Facebook as our number 3 referral site, blogsite number 4, and Twitter number 6 – see attached.

Amanda, Yellow Pages North Queensland Small Business and Franchise Expo

Tracy has an exceptional knowledge of social media. She has helped me no end. She is always available to answer any questions and she goes above and beyond to help her clients get found on line. Tracy also created a form linked to my website and the day she did that two new clients started working with me. If you have a website or a fb page you need Tracy.

Patti Glasgow, Teach Love Life

Tracy has given us great advice relating to our business on line presence and social media marketing. She has also done work for us across various social media platforms enabling our business to be found on line easier. Would recommend Tracy to anyone with a small business. She will help you grow your business.

Ashley Robinson, Rolly’s Electrical

Making the move to market online and having an online presence has been made easy with the team at Townsville Social Media Marketing. It was a simple and smooth process due to the expertise and experience Tracy has with helping all types of businesses get online. We appreciate the consistent support and education that helps us to continue to grow. Our clients and potential clients can now see and read what we do and contact us all from a smart device or pc. If you are unsure of how to start or that “facebook thing” see Townsville Social Media Marketing and get online the easy way!

Haydon Mann, Rhino Linings Townsville City

I interviewed Tracy for a story I was writing about how businesses can manage their online reputation; especially if things go awry. I found Tracy to be a fantastic interviewee – prepared (she had taken the time to find relevant statistics), extremely knowledgeable on the subject (and many other subjects related to social media – I could easily write another five articles), and explained things in a straightforward and interesting way. I would recommend Tracy to other journalists looking for an expert to quote about social media.

Carly Lubicz, Editor Duo Magazine

Tracy is an inspiration. She has quickly established a niche market in Social Media, and she is creating a major business opportunity. In doing so, she is providing invaluable services to businesses of all sizes in Australia. Her past career and achievements means she really knows and understands business wants and needs, and she delivers practical, cost effective solutions. She can always be relied on.

Gerard Byrne, Author / Speaker