Sorting your Facebook Friends into lists is a great way to control who sees what status updates you post.

Say you wanted to post a photo of your baby, and you just wanted your Family and Close Friends to see it; or you wanted to post a photo of you out on the town with the girls.. and you didn’t what your Family or Business Clients to see it… there is a way.  Create Friends’ Lists…

You can create any… Continue reading

Reporting a Facebook Page for negative or offensive posts about your brand is a sticky situation.  Firstly, why would someone spend their time posting negatively about your brand if they didn’t have reason to do so.  But in the remote situation that someone is out to deface your brand there are a couple of options you can take:-

OPTION 1 You could and report the Facebook Page directly to Facebook and ask them to report the offending page – https://www.facebook.com/legal/copyright.php?howto_report

Facebook is… Continue reading

How to set-up your Facebook Pages Timeline?

Facebook Page Timeline – New for Old

Some things in the new Timeline layout are revamped features of the old Page’s Wall:-

The old profile image banner has been removed and a new “Cover” has been added across the top of your Page. This image should symbolise your business. An idea would be to upload a stunning, high-resolution image that will catch your target markets attention. A photo of you and your team… Continue reading

Are you too busy for social media, it seems there are a few businesses which are just that.

In a survey last week by Regus, a firm that provides workplace solutions, showed that only 47% of firms surveyed said they use the social media to find new business, even though an increase of 7% from last year, businesses are still saying they are too busy for social media.  Yet 78% of CEO’s and executives polled felt social media is… Continue reading

Future of Social Media…

The future of social media will lead quite a dominant role in our future whether you are a sceptic or no.

In the past few years, researchers have identified regional spikes in seasonal flu at least one week before CDC by tracking online search queries and following Twitter streams.

So what is the Future of Social Media?

The mobility of technology is probably the most impressive, when we can go for a run wherever we are,… Continue reading

Will Facebook bite you on the bum…

I am sure Facebook will not bite with intent, however what you portray on Facebook, Twitter may well bite you hard. Those excellent Wednesday and Saturday nights where you post the piccies and tweets of those wonderful antics.  Those posts how you rang in sick… Could not drag myself out bed brilliant night etc… We have all had them, let ‘s just keep those things to ourselves.

The big question Why?

It seems… Continue reading

FOR MORE UPDATED SOLUTIONS SEE https://www.facebook.com/notes/townsville-social-media-marketing/question-how-to-unhide-recent-activity-after-you-have-hidden-them-from-your-wall/215998321755330?ref=notif&notif_t=note_comment

Did you know that every time you LIKE another page or change your Relationship Status, it appears on your Facebook Wall and goes out to all your Facebook Friends via their News Feed?  


Yes, and it can be very annoying, not to mention a little invasive.  I found a way to stop these posts being seen by your Friends.


If you want to disable these recent activity posts appearing on your… Continue reading

Website OR Facebook Page for a Small Business?

We have had a lot of people ask us if we think that micro and small businesses should invest in a website or Facebook, so I thought I would put forward my opinions in this post.

A lot of the old-school guru’s will say that you need a flash website but some of the new-age marketers will say a business needs both!  But that’s all well and good for a medium… Continue reading

Older Australians becoming wild about Facebook a recent study shows…

It is quite refreshing seeing our older Australians becoming wild about Facebook, smartphones and all things hi-tech.

A study by McCrindle Research on behalf of Telstra revealed increasing numbers of older Australians are enthusiastic users of everything from smartphones to video calls to Facebook.

Facebook is not just for fun you can click here if you you would like to learn how to use Facebook for your business.

 … Continue reading

What is the Social Media Cycle?

Everything in life is cyclic, so why not social media.

The internet has come such a long way in such a short period of time and it changes


Internet Marketing started with someone developing a website and then by using

different techniques was able to rank high on the google search page.  From here

sales would be made.

However, these websites began popping up a dime a dozen so Google then had to… Continue reading

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