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Two Billion People Every Day

Social media is used by more than two billion people every day.

Search engines like Google have defined the “information” age, but social media has moved the world into the “referral” age. Selling is no longer a one-way broadcast, it has become a group conversation. Social media is paving the way for selling by referral. With two billion people conversing, word-of-month will travel quickly.

Most businesses don’t understand how important it will be in the next few years to tap into social media. They see social media as time-wasting and think of it in terms of reducing productivity but, as a marketing tool, nothing could be further from the truth. Social media represents a shift in the marketing paradigm. It has moved us into the “referral” age, and businesses that don’t embrace its importance, will be committing marketing suicide.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are where the marketing opportunities lie. Today clients watch more YouTube and less television; they listen to more podcasts and less radio; they read more blogs and less magazines and newspapers; and, the clincher, they are seeking referrals and recommendations from their peers and paying less attention to advertising.

Around 40% of all online conversations are about company experiences and product referrals, so businesses need to ensure their product’s and service’s reputation is impeccable and that their clients are passing on favourable “referrals” in their online conversations.

It’s our job at Townsville Social Media Marketing to help businesses to cut through the hype and show them how they can implement a social media marketing strategy that will put their business infront of the crowd and help them build a tribe of happy referees.


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