Can't use Facebook as my Page - Workaround

Can’t use Facebook as my Page – Workaround to act as your Facebook Page

CantUseFacebookAsMyPageAbout a month ago (April 2015) I lost the ability to ‘use Facebook as my Page‘ now I only see ‘Your Page’ when I click on the dropdown.Β  As social media managers we need to conduct moderation, monitoring and outreach for our business Page clients, so I needed a workaround for viewing the Page’s newsfeed, liking other pages as the Page and commenting and sharing as my Page.

I have a feeling Facebook are moving us all towards a one ‘sign-in’ which will be your personal Facebook Profile, and then you’ll need to switch on the fly between ‘voices’. Maybe they are doing this to try and eliminate all those fake accounts people and businesses have created to manage Facebook Pages, now you really can only sign-in as you personally on Facebook, but switch on the fly between pages you admin.

Here’s what I found (video walk-through at the end of this post).


Can’t view your Facebook Page’s News Feed any more?

To view Page news feed, view the Timeline and then click on “VIEW PAGES FEED” in the left nav area



Can’t post, like or comment as my Facebook Page?

To change ‘voice’ and post or comment as page, use the ‘voice’ selector – (little grey flag or profile icon) at the top right of posts/status updates and select the Page you want to engage as.


Can’t Share someone else’s post on my Page’s Timeline as my Facebook Page?

When you want to SHARE a post either from another Page or from your own news feed, you will need to:

Step 1. Click on SHARE then select “Share…” don’t click on “SHARE NOW” as this will share the post to your personal Facebook Profile not on your Page.


Step2. Then in the next screen click on the dropdown and select “On a Page you manage”, then select the Facebook Page that you’d like to share this post to, making sure the “Posting as” shows your Page as well.


Customise the message and click “Share”


Can’t LIKE another Facebook Page as my Page?

To like a Page as your Page, view the other Page’s Timeline and click on the ‘…’ and select ‘like as your page’ and select the page you would like to LIKE the other Page as. (Don’t hate me for liking this page πŸ™‚ )



Can’t UNLIKE a Facebook Page that my Page has liked?

To unlike a Page to stop that Page’s posts displaying in your Page’s news feed, got and view the timeline of the Page you want to unlike and click on the ‘…’ and select “Remove from My Page’s Favorites”.



Video Walk-through


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30 Responses to Can’t use Facebook as my Page – Workaround to act as your Facebook Page

  • Thank you so much for this information! I’ve been looking every where and no one has had an answer to my problems. I just don’t understand why facebook makes everything so hard…. and no help line. thanks again! Esther

  • mike gives me an error, Your attempt to remove yourself as a fan was not successful. Please try again.

  • Clicking on the flag to change to my page has no effect. any other suggestions?

    • hmmm could you try another browser or refresh the browser cookies, because as long as you are an admin of any pages, they should all show up in the ‘voice’ – although, if you are in any apps on a Facebook Page eg PHOTOS then you will only have the option of yourself or the page that owns those photos.

  • RE: Like Facebook Page as Your Page

    The FB help describes it as you do, but I never seem to get the option to choose which of my pages will do the “LIKING”. It only ever picks the first one.

    Any idea how I can get this choice?

  • Thanks so much for this! it was driving me crazy πŸ™‚

  • This is brIlliAnT, thAnk you so mUch for sharing it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΎ

  • I’ve yet to find a workaround that allows me to comment on posts in an event as my page (even though my page is tagged and involved in the event!). Any ideas?

    • When you are in the EVENT page, you should be able to use the ‘voice’ control in the right of the comment/reply box to switch between you and your business Page.

  • This is all good and thank you. The problem I have is the only way I can rearrange albums on the page i manage is to log on to facebook as the page i manage (“Use facebook as”). since facebook removed that feature, i cannot rearrange the photo albums on the page i manage anymore. do you know of a way that i can do this, now that the “use facebook as” feature has been removed?

    • Hmm, I am about to rearrange my albums on my page just fine, as soon as I enter Photos my ‘Page’ voice is activated. Page > Photos > Albums then click and drag.

      • Click and drag only works for the first three rows or something. It has been like that for a long time. you could move the bottom albums only logging as a page. And now it looks like it’s impossible. It’s so annoying to have my page albums all sorted random!

        • I feel for you, Facebook is a free to use platform and they don’t provide support as such, but you could always try sending them a “Report a Problem” message (Click on the dropdown in the top right to get to Report a Problem)

        • Sorry Simona, I don’t have admin access to any pages that have a lot of albums, so I can’t test it to see. I would also highly recommend using a different platform to store and manage your business’ photos because Facebook can shut your page down for no reason and you’ll lose all your photos.

  • When i try to “Like As” one of my pages, it only shows one of the two pages I admin for. tried it from my wife’s personal page, which is also an admin for that account, and it is not listed there either… hmmm

    • If you are sure you are an admin of the FB Page you want to LIKE AS, then the fact that it’s missing from the list just means that it already LIKES that Page, OR your Page has been blocked.


    • Hi Edit Ninja, to get to your FB Page’s messages, go to the timeline and in the top left should display “Page Messages Notifications Insights Publishing Tools” Click on Messages there.

  • I am a pages admin on the FB account where I work. (I access it by first logging in with my personal FB login.) I want to create a new page for my personal home business from my personal profile.

    will my new business page get mixed in with the pages i manage on the fb account of my employment?

    • No Mary, you can be an admin for 100s of FB Pages if you like, and none of the other pages will ever know. For instance I am admin for 53 Pages, so are current clients I manage the Social Media for, and some have added me as an backup admin. I can switch ‘voices’ between any of those Pages I admin, and the other Pages never know.

  • HI I have got a problem which I can’t switch my pages, so I’D like to know how I can switch Facebook account to business pages. I was reported and lockeD out for 3 days, so after 3 days I was unable to switch them again. It shows me as (your pages). But the point is, do you have any Idea when my pages would be returned as (view your pages) it’s quite frustrating all my efforts I have done gone in vain. I’m deeply saddened cause I don’t want to share my pages with my profile account. Please help! Thanks

    • Mast, I’m not sure what you mean by “view your pages”. If you’re talking about “Use Facebook As” your page, then that is no longer possible for most of us, from the latest FB update, you will always be signed in as you personally, but when you view your Pages you’ll see that there’s an admin menu β€œPage Messages Notifications Insights Publishing Tools” across the top, this is where you manage your Page, if you want to ‘speak’ as your Page then you need to make sure that you switch the voice icon to your page.

  • And also I was told that I can’t create pages more than 2 but I did create 2 pages in each my facebook account so I don’t think I created 10 pages or violated the rules. In each pages Facebook account are 2 cause I have 2 Facebook accounts, so I need to understand where I failed. I expect your answer from you soon. And also I believe that i’D recover my total 4 pages back 2/2 in 2 Facebook acounts. Thanks!

    • Mast, I don’t really understand exactly what you mean. You are able to create unlimited number of FB Pages all from within your own personal FB Profile, then you just ‘visit’ your page and you’ll be able to access the admin areas of that Page. If you have other fake personal profiles that have FB Pages, then login and make the real you admin of those pages so when you login as the real you you’ll be able to access the admin menu of all of the pages you admin. But if you are talking about Facebook shutting down your Pages, that’s something I can’t help you with, you’ll need to contact Facebook support.

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