Move your YouTube Channel to your business Google+ Page

Move your YouTube Channel from your Google+ Profile to your Google+ Page

Did you know that your business’ YouTube should be linked to your business’ Google+ Page?

I see this a lot with my clients, they jumped in to YouTube and created a Channel, started uploading videos promoting their business and driving traffic to those videos… then they realise that the Channel they’ve created is actually linked to their personal Google+ Profile when it should be linked to their business Page.

Here’s the steps to take to ‘move’ a YouTube channel from one Google+ Page or Profile to another Google+ Page or Profile:

Move Your Tube Channel Google PageComplete the form at:

  • Enter your Real Name (this should be the name of the personal Google+ Profile you use to login to YouTube):
  • Email address used to sign in to YouTube:
  • Channel URL:
  • Please select the issue you’re experiencing:
  • URL of current Google+ Page or Profile:
  • URL of desired Google+ Page or Profile to connect to channel:
  • Where are you experiencing this issue? Tick both
  • Which device?
  • Describe your issue here: “I need to move my YouTube Channel so that it is connected with my Google+ Business Page instead of my Google+ Profile”.

Then click SUBMIT.  Someone from Google will evaluate the situation and move the channel over (hopefully)

Then, once the move is approved, you’ll see a YOUTUBE link in the tabs on your business’ Google+ Page… yeah!

Let me know how you go…




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