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What is Social Media

What is social media it is media that is designed to be disseminated through social interaction, this social interaction shares information, opinions and promotes products and services between all.

This technology promotes businesses, websites, products and services through good old fashioned word-of- mouth. A friend recommends or likes something to their friend or family who then passes on this recommendation to another friend through social media such as facebook, and then begins the domino effect of social media.

With these recommendations you know yourself that the product or service is credible so you are more inclined to use or purchase that service or product. And like word-of-mouth social media is shared freely.
Social media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among ourselves. Social media is basically the use of technology combined with social interaction.

It started with text messaging on your mobile phone and has now led to the likes of Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, forums, message boards, blogs, LinkedIn, podcasts and many more internet tools which keeps us up to date with our family, friends and the world.

Facebook is one social media channel where initially it was used to keep in touch with friends in colleges in America. However now if Facebook was a nation it would be the third most populated nation behind China and India. And if you think Facebook is only for the college students, keep in mind that the fastest-growing demographic is women 35 – 64 years.

Another social media is Twitter, with 200,000,000 members, with 240,000,000,000 searches per month more than Yahoo! and Bing combined.

YouTube is a perfect intersection of online video marketing, social media and search engine visibility. Currently over 970 million videos are viewed each month in Australia alone. YouTube is #2 search engine on the internet.

So in today’s modern world of technology it is no surprise that more than 94% of Australians have mobile devices and 70% of them are internet capable “smart phones”. More than 250 million mobile text messages are sent each month and 90% of them are read within one hour of receipt.
Imagine being able to use social media in your business. You can and more! More and more are doing it so be on the cutting edge of a brilliant new social media marketing strategy and contact one of our consultants for a free analysis of your website and internet marketing plan.

So now you know what social media is, so now all you have to do is let this type of media and Townsville Social Media Marketing build your business to its greatest potential.


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